Application Response Time Measurement Tools provided by MyARM support C/C++, Java, C# and Python programming languages. We provide different editions addressing different environments and needs.

Our Community Edition is available free of charge and provides a full-fledged ARM 4.0 agent implementation.

The following table gives an overview of the available editions and their support for programming languages and analysis tools. Additional information regarding the components contained in the edition and their features download the appropriate PDF document or read the online HTML documentation.


Base price1200 €1200 €1200 €1500 €1800 €
Operating SystemWindows, LinuxWindows, LinuxWindows, LinuxWindows, LinuxWindows, Linux
ARM 4.0 Language Bindings
ARM 4.0 C+++
ARM 4.0 Java[Java Edition]+++
ARM 4.0 C#[C# Edition]++
ARM 4.0 Python+
ARM 4.0 Language Frameworks
ARM 4.0 C+++++
ARM 4.0 QArm4+++
ARM 4.0 shell+
Analysis tools
Command line tools+++++
Manager (*)(*) The manager uses WebKit for rendering web 2.0 content and launches appropriate stand-alone web-server in background. Its available on Windows and Linux OS.(GUI)+++++
Web applications (*)

(*) Following Web applications are available:

Browser to analyse single measurements and transaction chains
myarmrtsbrowser (Add-on RTS)
Browser to analyse transaction statistics using different time intervals (hour, day, month, year)
myarmrtsmonitor (Add-on RTS)
monitor current transaction statistics using different time interval (current hour(s) or day)
myarmadmin (Add-on RTS, RTC or RTN)
administration of various global configurations (RTS, RTC, RTN)
browser, rtsbrowser, rtsmonitor, adminbrowser, rtsbrowser, rtsmonitor, adminbrowser, rtsbrowser, rtsmonitor, adminbrowser, rtsbrowser, rtsmonitor, adminbrowser, rtsbrowser, rtsmonitor, admin
Supported databases
SQLite3® (*)(*) SQLite3® is included.+++++
MySQL® (*)
(*) The following versions of MySQL® are supported:
  • MySQL 5.0
  • MySQL 5.1
  • MySQL 5.5
MariaDB® (*)
(*) The following versions of MariaDB® are supported:
  • MariaDB 5.5
  • MariaDB 10.0
Deployment features
myarmdaemon (*)
(*) myarmdaemon is used in conjunction with the archive-, TCP- and/or file datasink :
The TCP datasink connects to a myarmdaemon using a TCP/IP socket and forwards measured ARM data to the that daemon. The myarmdaemon reads the data in and forwards the to its configured data sink
The file datasink writes measured ARM data to files on the local hard drive. The myarmdaemon reads these ARM data files and forwards it to its configured datasink
archive, file, tcparchive, file, tcparchive, file, tcparchive, file, tcparchive, file, tcp
File storage (*)
(*) is used for temporarily store ARM data into local hard drive if the data sink (myarmdaemon or database) is currently not available (disconnected). After a reconnect all temporarily stored ARM data will be forwarded to its destination
Event flow auto response (*)
(*) With ARM 4.1 event flows are introduced. Event flows can start and end at different hosts thus to calculate the real response time synchronized clocks are needed. To avoid this need MyARM is able to automatically send a response if the end of the flow is stopped to the start from the event flow.

This feature is currently only available for the C/C++ agent.
Multiple database connections (*)(*) Multiple database connections support for high ARM transaction measurement loads using MySQL or MariaDB databases+++++
RTS: Real time statistics (*)(*) Real time statistics (RTS) Add-on calculates and records the statistics in a database.+++++
RTC: Runtime configuration (*)(*) Runtime configuration (RTC) is used to adopt the behaviour of a running ARM instrumented application. For example transaction measurements can be enabled or disabled.+++++
RTN: Runtime notifications (*)(*) Runtime notifications (RTN) are created according to predefined RTS or transaction measurement conditions. If a condition occurs a runtime event is created and stored in database.

The myarmdaemon reads these runtime events and creates notifications (executing a script) for it.
FCGI: FastCGI (*)(*) All web applications can be deployed by a standalone HTTP server or to be integrated into an existing server landscape using FastCGI.+++++
ARCH: ∞ Archiv (*)(*) Unlimited archive. By default 1 million measurements per day are licensed and stored.+++++
CSVE: CSV-Export (*)(*) CSV export TCP/IP interface to export ARM transaction measurements exactly once (e.g. Apache Spark).+++++
(*) Move mouse over cell for a brief description