We offer licenses and maintenance with one, two or three year contract periods. The yearly license and maintenance fee is calculated by dividing the total price by the number of contract period years.

The license and maintenance price is calculated by multiplying the number of installations (hosts) with the base price of the chosen edition.


The table on the details our sales discount subject to the number of licenses.

LicensesDiscount (%)
>= 300 (*)
(*) For more than 300 licenses, only 300 licenses are billed.
Quotation pre-view
Edition / AddOn / LicensesBasepricePrice
MyARM Edition licenses
License price
License discount 0%
Final license price
Add-ons  (*)
(*) Multiple database connections support for high ARM transaction measurement loads with MySQL or MariaDB datbases
(*) RealTime Statistic (RTS) calculates statitsics and stores results in a database
(*) RuntTime Configuration (RTC) is used to adopt the behaviour of a running ARM instrumented application. Transaction measurements can be enabled or disabled.
(*) RealTime Notifications (RTN) are created according to predefined RTS or transaction measurement conditions. If a condition occurs a runtime event is created and stored in database.

The myarmdaemon reads these runtime events and creates notifications (executing a script) for it.
(*) All web applications can be deployed by a standalone HTTP server or to be integrated into an existing server landscape using FastCGI
(*) Unlimited archive. By default 1 million measurements per day are licensed and stored.
(*) CSV export TCP/IP interface to export ARM transaction measurements exactly once (e.g. Apache Spark)
Total price 
Final price
Contract period (price per year)
Yearly maintenance fee (15%) from 2. year