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  • IBM NGN Competence Center

    IBM Logo

    The IBM NGN Competence Center develops Next Generation Network (NGN) software for access and operating of IP- and VoIP-networks of a notable national und international Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    MyARM (C Edition) is used within IBM NGN Competence Center for development and system test of essential server components of a big ISP access platform running under Linux and zLinux (around 20 Servers) to rate and verify non functional aspects (response times, load).

    During test deployment complete calling hierarchies are recorded for later analysis. Especially RADIUS-, SOAP-, TCP/IP-, UDP- and proprietary protocols up to 1000 requests per second and server are supported.

    GRZ IT Center GmbH

    GRZ IT Center Logo

    GRZ IT Center uses MyARM for their complete financial service multi-tier software infrastructure to measure end-to-end response times. MyARM is used as a highly customisable and efficient ARM infrastructure addresses all technologies and programming languages used in the customer environment. GRZ IT Center uses the following ARM language bindings:

    C# .NET
    for their financial client software
    for their application server (WebSphere) and servlets which implement the main financial services.
    for middleware components like HTTP-Servers

    As of mid of 2014 GRZ IT Center uses MyARM in a heterogeneous Windows® and Linux® wide area network (WAN) of more than 5000 ARM-instrumented C# clients in bank branches all over Austria. Additionally, around 10 HTTP- and Java-based application servers are part of the monitored system.

    Around 8-10 million response time measurements are processed and analyzed per day, using the complete MyARM Enterprise tool chain.

    Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

    Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH Logo

    Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS) uses MyARM to improve the quality control technology of radar data processing. The DFS has instrumented the core functions of its operational radar data processing system PHOENIX to get an insight into the performance of the distributed processing chain.

    PHOENIX is the operational radar data processing system (RDPS) at all national and international airports in Germany, with more than 100 deployed air traffic controller working positions (CWP). Thus the system's performance is directly linked with the German air traffic management efficiency, which is of vital interest for the DFS.

    The ARM instrumentation of PHOENIX and resulting measurement data analysis provide a detailed insight view of the duration of the important processing steps of PHOENIX. Moreover, an overview could be generated of the whole processing chain starting from the point in time when a plot is received by the tracker until it is presented to the controller at the CWP.

    More details on this topic were presented at the CMG 2007 in a cooperation paper between DFS and MyARM explaining the above effects in more detail. Download the paper and slides from our presentation page.

    Parallel 2012

    Parallel 2012 Presentation

    At the Parallel 2012 conference in Karlsruhe, Germany we presented our report on how to measure and visualise parallelism in multi-threaded applications running on multi-core hardware (in german).

    Parallel 2012 MyARM presentation   PDF
    View the slides of the Parallel 2012 MyARM presentation:

    QualityConf 2011

    QualityConf 2011 Presentation

    At the QualityConf 2011 conference in Munich, Germany we presented our method report about the evolution from performance tests to productive application monitoring (in german). Here you will find the presentation slides:

    QualityConf 2011 MyARM presentation   PDF
    View the slides of the QualityConf 2011 MyARM presentation:

    CMG 2007

    CMG2007 Presentation

    At the CMG 2007 in San Diego, CA we presented our customer success story of Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (german air traffic control, project Phoenix). Here you will find the paper and the presentation slides:

    CMG 2007 MyARM Phoenix ARM instrumentation presentation   PDF
    View the slides of the CMG 2007 MyARM presentation:
    CMG2007 Paper
    CMG2007 MyARM Phoenix ARM instrumentation paper   PDF
    Read the CMG 2007 ARM instrumentation paper: