Our support comprises MyARM deployment design, ARM application instrumentation services and on-demand support for:

  • Additional programming language bindings (e.g. Ruby or Go)
  • Additional platforms (e.g. support a new CPU)
  • Additional operating systems (e.g. Mac OS®, iOS™, Android™)

Please contact us for details on .

Our Application Instrumentation services and support provides ready to use ARM instrumentation of standard applications. The following standard application ARM plugins can be directly used with MyARM:

  • Instrumentation
  • mod_arm4
  • ARM Instrumentation support

    We provide support for ARM instrumentation of open and closed source applications written in:

    • C/C++
    • C#
    • Java
    • Python

    Our support comprises guidance on designing the instrumentation, test and monitoring concepts of your (distributed) applications.

    Plugin Development

    The following plugins are currently in development/test phase:

    • Arm4Valve: Apache TomcatValve plugin.
      Please contact us for getting a test version of the Arm4Valve:

    Please contact us if you need an ARM plugin for another standard application:

    Apache HTTPD-Server ARM 4.0 plugin

    The Apache web-server supports ARM4 now since end of 2004 by providing a specific ARM4 module called mod_arm4. We made some enhancements to this module. Please feel free to ask to get this modified module. Following is a brief list of our enhancements:


    ARM metrics

    • Added an ARM metric called BytesSent which stores the number of bytes sent to the client of the requested document. By using the length information of a requested document, the response time can be normalised to milliseconds per kilo bytes for example.
    • Added an ARM metric called Status which is the HTTP status of the request.

    ARM context properties

    • Application context properties which associates the following information to each application instance:
      1. ServerVersion
      2. ServerHost
      3. ServerAdmin
    • Transaction context properties which associates the following information to each transaction measurement:
      1. ServerName
      2. ServerPort
      3. RemoteAddress
      4. RemoteUser
      5. Scheme
      6. QueryString
      7. Protocol

    ARM correlation

    • Added correlator information to the environment where CGI scripts can access it. Therefore it is possible to make a correlation between a HTTP-Request and the execution of an instrumented CGI script.
    • Configuration option which enables ARM measurements only if a correlator was sent by a client.


    • Added URI pattern matching support to selectively measure requests.
    • Added various configuration options to the module. Now you have much more control over the ARM instrumentation provided by mod_arm4 module.
    • Added arm_destroy_application() call to be more ARM 4.0 standard compliant.
    • Added autoconf/automake infrastructure. Its possible to use configure/make as well as normal apxs script as used by apache modules. Further compile and installation instructions are included in the mod_arm4 distribution archive.
    • Support Apache 2.0.x and 2.2.x servers for compiling/building and deployment.