Our Application Instrumentation services and support provides ready to use ARM instrumentation of standard applications. The following standard application ARM plugins can be directly used with MyARM:

  • Instrumentation
  • mod_arm4
  • nparm4
  • ARM Instrumentation support

    We provide support for ARM instrumentation of open and closed source applications written in:

    • C/C++
    • C#
    • Java
    • Python

    Our support comprises guidance on designing the instrumentation, test and monitoring concepts of your (distributed) applications.

    Plugin Development

    The following plugins are currently in development/test phase:

    • Arm4Valve: Apache TomcatValve plugin.
      Please contact us for getting a test version of the Arm4Valve:

    Please contact us if you need an ARM plugin for another standard application:

    Apache HTTPD-Server ARM 4.0 plugin

    The Apache web-server supports ARM4 now since end of 2004 by providing a specific ARM4 module called mod_arm4. We made some enhancements to this module which is available through our page. Following is a brief list of our enhancements:


    ARM metrics

    • Added an ARM metric called BytesSent which stores the number of bytes sent to the client of the requested document. By using the length information of a requested document, the response time can be normalised to milliseconds per kilo bytes for example.
    • Added an ARM metric called Status which is the HTTP status of the request.

    ARM context properties

    • Application context properties which associates the following information to each application instance:
      1. ServerVersion
      2. ServerHost
      3. ServerAdmin
    • Transaction context properties which associates the following information to each transaction measurement:
      1. ServerName
      2. ServerPort
      3. RemoteAddress
      4. RemoteUser
      5. Scheme
      6. QueryString
      7. Protocol

    ARM correlation

    • Added correlator information to the environment where CGI scripts can access it. Therefore it is possible to make a correlation between a HTTP-Request and the execution of an instrumented CGI script.
    • Configuration option which enables ARM measurements only if a correlator was sent by a client.


    • Added URI pattern matching support to selectively measure requests.
    • Added various configuration options to the module. Now you have much more control over the ARM instrumentation provided by mod_arm4 module.
    • Added arm_destroy_application() call to be more ARM 4.0 standard compliant.
    • Added autoconf/automake infrastructure. Its possible to use configure/make as well as normal apxs script as used by apache modules. Further compile and installation instructions are included in the mod_arm4 distribution archive.
    • Support Apache 2.0.x and 2.2.x servers for compiling/building and deployment.


    Here you can the mod_arm4 module distributions directly.

    Mozilla Firefox ARM 4.0 Extension plugin

    The FirefoxARM 4.0 instrumentation is a Mozilla xpcom extension and enables tracking of all browser requests, in conformance with the ARM 4.0 standard. It uses Firefox' internal observation mechanism to intercept request calls, to measure the start and stop time of each request and to store the results in an ARM data sink. Parent-child relations are preserved throughout the measurements, i.e. if a request triggers several child requests, the child request measurements are correlated to the parent request measurement.

    Note: This extension is discontinued due to lack of interest in this extension and Mozillas change to a new plugin API.